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Brand New Exclusive Local Videos... PLUS

  • Instant Access to our Proprietary Breakthrough Interactive Video Technology
  • Exclusive Niche Videos Shot by our in-house videographers that work on ALL BROWSERS and MOBILE DEVICES
  • Maximize conversions with INTERACTIVE LOCAL Done For You video funnels that show the perfect offer at the perfect time
  • Build your list and make sales, plus you get 100% FREE search engine traffic
  • Use our 1st to market local videos to 2X your conversions, 3X your engagement and get up to a 14X HIGHER click thru rate
  • DOMINATE all competition by being the 1st company to offer professional local niche videos along with cutting edge technology that has never been released to this marketing community.

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"Interactr is 'Great!' I'm able to take my clients (and their clients) down a sales path or learning path that is meaningful to them. The ease in which I can use my videos to create these multiple paths is sooo appreciated! Thank you Interactr creators...this is a very VERY useful tool."

- Carmen Davis

"Interactr is an extremely slick video software which has multiple applications, especially with any type of online training. Its clever node technology engages visitors in a way that has them interacting with your videos. It's a very clever piece of kit."

- Kenneth Doyle

"I tried out interactr in my martial arts membership site, creating a tutorial video for our members. The feedback I got was awesome, everyone really enjoyed the interactive video training. We're going to be using it in the future for all of our content and sales videos."

- Jordan Fung

The Power of EXCLUSIVE Local Videos

Our in house video production manager along with our team of professional videographers, photographers, and hired actors have created EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS for YOU!

These videos are a first of it’s kind marketing videos made for the powerful Interactr Local Video Software.

By merging the 2 together you now have at your finger tips the ability to generate...

More Leads, Sales & Profits With B.D.R.M.

“Behavioural Dynamic Response Marketing” … fancy for “engage your viewers individually”.

Works better than ANYTHING to make you more profits from video:

Created by recruitment advertising agency Havas People, “A Taste of AB InBev” won a 2015 RAD award — a huge honor in the recruitment marketing industry.

Uses it to achieve a purchase rate 14X HIGHER than the industry average

This non-profit beat application targets by 972% using this tech

Doubled subscription revenue in UNDER 4 weeks

Join The Future Of Video

Price Increases To $197/Year As Soon As This Limited Launch Closes

To profit with video, you’ve GOT to make your viewers part of the conversation.


The first time we used interactive video on one of our sales pages we split tested it against the "normal" video you can see above. The normal video converted at 5.65%


After we changed it to an interactive video the conversions shot up by 83% to 10.3%. This increased our sales from $71,641.00 to $130,384.00 - literally using interactive video and changing nothing else made us an extra $58,743.00.

And it is so simple with Interactr Local

Top Social Influencers, Brand Ambassadors, and Salespeople always engage their audience with SPECIFIC/RESULT oriented questions.

Then CUSTOMIZE their content based on the answers viewers give. Which results in a massive increase in conversions & profits.

Because once people tell you what they want,
selling gets REAL easy.

Obviously, this is impossible for small business owners to do on their own.
Until now.

With our newly updated cutting edge interactive video technology and EXCLUSIVE Video Content that only billion dollar companies and marketers with deep pockets could afford is NOW available to you and your customers.

It turns AVERAGE/NORMAL video marketing which anyone can do, into a customized EXCLUSIVE video interactive conversion machine that has NEVER BEEN AVAILABLE TO OUR MARKET BEFORE TODAY:

  • By AUTOMATICALLY delivering custom EXCLUSIVE VIDEO content based on the unique behaviour of each viewer.
  • By skyrocketing engagement and making drop-off rates a problem only your competition will face
  • By delivering the perfect pitch to the perfect prospect at the perfect time…

Give Viewers More Of What THEY Want With EXCLUSIVE Local Interactive Video Content … So You Get More Of What YOU Want.

Plug & Play - Drag and Drop Local Video Marketing Templates PROVEN To Drive More Leads, Sales, Traffic & Higher Engagement

Click Play Below to Experience a Local Interactive Video Now


Everyone needs a place to live. Nw you can work with agents and brokers in your market to bring the power of choosing a home Interactr Style.


Chips and Salsa anyone? Nothing better than a lunch or dinner at your favorite mexican restaraunt. Now you can add a level of fun and interaction when choosing tacos, nachos and more.


How would you like to SHOCK your favorite electrician with more leads and customers? Share with them this engaging interactive video that will have new customers wanting their services.


We all need work done around the house and the local handy man needs to get in front of these customers. Show them this powerful interactive video and watch the sales come in.

Get clients more targeted, 100% free traffic with ANY of these EXCLUSIVE Interactive Video Funnel templates.

Each can keep YOUR viewers watching longer, meaning an effortless boost in leads, conversions, search engine ranking and engagement.

Maximize Profits With EXCLUSIVE Custom Interactive Videos In 4 Simple Steps:

Step 1

Login and select a local template or easily create your own design

Step 2

Upload logos, videos & images to your media library for easy customisation

Step 3

Customize your local video template or use our drag & drop editor to "map out" your own video funnel

Step 4

Hit publish to render your interactive video or add additional interactive elements such as video chapters, lead capture forms, clickable buttons and more!

The Result?

A dynamic, CUSTOM viewing experience that skyrockets engagement, viewing time, clicks and sales … in MINUTES and with no tech skills required!

This Isn’t Video Marketing … This Is Like NETFLIX, ROKU, or HULU Where Viewers SELF-SELECT Their Content …

And Stay Engaged ALL THE WAY Thru!

Just like Netflix have done with the latest Black Mirror interactive episode

BUT Until Now, Tech Like This Did NOT Come Cheap

Video marketing is what we do.

We generate multiple 7 figures per year with video … and help our clients do the same.

While exploring this new dynamic behaviour technology, we got some serious “sticker shock” when we saw the costs.

Even a “simple” package will cost you $7500 a year PLUS $2500 PER interactive video.

So instead of waiting (and hoping) for the price to come down ...

We developed our OWN cutting edge Interactive software with ALL of the benefits of what we needed and partnered with the #1 video production company in our space, DropMock to provide our EXCLUSIVE Video Content all for a FRACTION of the cost:


The Next Phase In The Evolution Of Video Marketing

Interactr Local is powered by our proprietary cloud-based solution that uses dynamic response marketing to deliver custom EXCLUSIVE video content to each & every video viewer.

Get more traffic, clicks, leads and sales … from EVERY video.

Big Claim? Sure Is.

So Watch The Demo To See EXACTLY How Interactr Local Makes It Happen:

Today you can INSTANTLY add the nitrous to your Video Marketing...

with features such as:

Custom Local EXCLUSIVE Video Content

The DropMock in house team of Videographers, Photographers, Editors, and Actors went on location to capture this amazing content for YOU.

New UI

We now have a brand new, intuitive user interface that allows you to navigate interactr quicker and easier than ever before.


Add clickable hotspots anywhere in your video so you can make any scene, element or video area interactive.


Create your interactive video in the canvas so you can easily see where all the interactive video paths lead in your project.


This is the quickest way to get started. Simply drag your videos onto the canvas and enable chapters so your viewers can choose what content they want to see.


Easily share your interactive video by grabbing your share link and posting on social media, these videos are proven to get higher click-thru rates.


Head over to the analytics dashboard so you can see exactly how your interactive video is performing. We track clicks, conversions, revenue, retention rate plus more.

Who Wants To Increase Their Video Engagement And Conversions With A Whole NEW Profit Producing Engine?


As soon as entrepreneurs and business owners see interactive local video - they want one. The trouble is they don't have the time, expertise or the software to make these powerful videos themselves.

And you've seen how much other companies are charging, north of $10,000 per video! Good news is that creates A HUGELY PROFITABLE OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU.

Use our simple to use cloud based video funnel software to offer traffic and conversion services to clients … and set your own price.

Your clients will be AMAZED by the video content and the fantastic results … and they’ll never need to know that it is our video team that shoots the content and how easy it is for you to create for them.

Just choose the local video funnel, create a new campaign and customize the action for your clients needs!

Powerful Conversion Features To Make YOU Money:

Exclusive Niche Specific Video Content

Local video content that has never been released to this marketing space and will have businesses eager to work with you.

Real Time Dynamic Response

Skyrocket conversions with unlimited “top layer” segments. Show viewers the exact content & offers THEY select, in real time

Sell More With Scarcity

Include countdown timers & even “lock down” your content, so viewers MUST take action before proceeding. Great for lead generation & social shares

Automated List Building

Connect ANY autoresponder and all leads get added directly to the list of your choice

Powerfully Simple Funnel Builder

Drag & drop your way to top-converting video funnels with the visual editor

Full Video Training

See how to maximize your profits with this series of “how-to” videos

Add Branding & Custom Elements

Add logos, images & custom HTML to any video

Time-Saving Media Library

Upload & store images along with videos from YT, Vimeo or mP4 to quickly use in ANY campaign

Retargeting Friendly

Drop a tracking pixel on any campaign to maximize long term conversions

Join The Future Of Video

Price Increases To $197/Year As Soon As This Limited Launch Closes

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interactr Asset Pack

In this interactr asset pack we'll give you video, audio and animation assets to help set up your interactive video experiences in the most professional way.

Our Best ROI With Video Ads Case Study

Inside this case study we show you how to use video ads in the most effective way to bring in a good ROI by using retargeting. We show how we turned 800 bucks into 16k.

5 Steps To 1 Million Views On YouTube

This was a special closed door training we're my friend shows how he gained millions of views and 50k subscribers in 3 days by hacking YouTube.

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  • Worlds #1 Interactive Video Software Including All Features
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  • Built-in Behavioural Dynamic Response Technology
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  • Basic Templates
  • Basic Analytics
  • $321 of Free Bonuses
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Superstar Support

$197 one time fee


  • Worlds #1 Interactive Video Software Including All Features
  • Unlimited Interactive Video Projects
  • Built-in Behavioural Dynamic Response Technology
  • Unlimited Usage Rights on Personal Videos
  • Unlimited Usage Rights on Clients Videos
  • Basic Templates
  • Advanced Analytics Suite
  • $321 of Free Bonuses
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Superstar Support

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers:

Does this work on Mobile?

Yes, your interactive videos play flawlessly across all browsers and all devices, including mobile phones.

Will Interactr Local work on my operating system?

100%. This is a cloud-based solution. All you need is an internet connection to connect to the software. Completely compatible with both Mac and Windows … heck you can even run it from your smartphone.

Does this work in any niche?

Absolutely. Wherever there’s online traffic, Intractr works. Plug it in to drive higher engagement, clicks and sales to ANY offer in ANY market.

What about support, training and updates?

All included!
Right inside the dash you’ll find detailed video training to get you up and running fast. Along with a DIRECT link to our dedicated support team. As an early bird member, you’ll get ongoing access to all future updates of the software.

Is there a guarantee?

We include a 14 day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee so all the risk is on us. Try out the software yourself, and if you’re not absolutely thrilled, your money back.

Join The Future Of Video

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